Costs for New Authors

frustrated-writer-2happy-writer-outside-300x200You can publish a book for free. You can write, edit, format and upload your manuscript, create the artwork and manage sales channels. You really can.


But before you rush to do it all yourself, consider the following, learned from years of trial and a lot of error. Nothing is free, especially your time:


  • Should you edit your own work? You fall in love with your manuscript and want every word to stay. But a reader has different ideas. They want to be informed and entertained, educated and moved. You get word-blind with every re-read and your friends don’t want to deconstruct your work. The results are usually a disaster when the book comes to market.
  • Are your computer skills good enough to tackle the formatting? Do you want to be up at 5am after an all night effort making frustrating changes to format and design (that illustration can’t be cropped and it is just over the crop edge).
  • Do you know how to price a book? Really, properly price a book and manage the discounting to attract sales and revenue?
  • There is no doubt that a good copyeditor is worth his or her weight in gold, really, truly. The quality of a book is directly proportional to the time spent copyediting. Trust us.
  • Are you prepared to monitor sales and track the marketing channels? Sure?


FrustratedWriter-250x167 (1)

Well, if you are able to do the lot, then great and fantastic. Otherwise here is a little guide to costs. Just a little one, to get you thinking…

Pre-publication services: 

Ideas development. We charge on a pay as you go basis, when formulating your ideas. You always retain copyright and we can help decide if an idea is interesting enough to go to print, or if there might be room to develop an idea further, even if you decide not to use our services further.

Manuscript Submission:

We do not charge for reading submitted manuscripts, we will give every submission a chance to breathe and if we think it is a publication opportunity for us, we will work with you to get it to publication.

Final Manuscript Acceptance:

For those manuscripts we wish to help develop, the process includes a rigorous copyediting cycle. The costs vary depending on the type of book, but for a novel £10 per 1000 words is a reasonable guide. Factual books require less copyediting, but we do insist on cross referencing facts as part of our internal quality assurance processes.

Formatting and Crafting Final Design:

Your manuscript may be print-ready. If we accept it into our imprint, then the task is to configure the words and artwork into publication-quality print and ebook formats. Typically, this cost depends on how much is required, but expect to pay between £300 and £700 for formatting to final publication on the various channels.

Each book is different and as individual as the subject and author. We will always give you a quote, after reading the manuscript or hearing your ideas.

We love to hear new ideas, don’t be afraid to speak to us. We’ve been there, as authors, we really have.

Whatever options above might be necessary, we charge a flat 20% of royalties earned over the lifetime of a book, typically 3-5 years. Where we develop new editions (as facts develop, time passes and content evolves), the rate may increase to cover the costs.

Whichever way you look at it, this is much cheaper than the alternative, perhaps spending your time and money and receiving no feedback at all on your lovely work.



A 130,000 word fictional novel published on Amazon and Nook, in paperback and Kindle formats. Developed from a draft manuscript:

Copy editing                                                                                   £1,600

Formatting                                                                                       £460

Building Amazon Author presence/Twitter/Facebook etc            £250

Revenue from 12 months paperback sales:

Author £23,400 (Amazon top 100 paperback and Kindle)

It can be done, it really can….with a little help from your friends…


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