Services for New Authors

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Beginner and Intermediate publishing services

  • Help in generating and developing ideas
  • Pre-publishing guidance to help authors get started and to avoid early mistakes
  • Publishing expertise including editorial, copy-editing, design, illustrations and more.
  • Hard copy distribution, through High Street retailers
  • Distribution through some of the most widely shopped online book retailers such as Amazon (Europe, Asia, South America and US), Barnes and Noble (Nook), Kobo and Apple’s iBooks Store.
  • Formatting available in paperback, hardcover and all e-book formats.
  • Book marketing services including developing a publicity strategy, video, social media promotion and more.


Our unique imprint gives authors the freedom to find their best publishing match and keep control of their work.


NOTE: Certain services are only available for some publishing options. Restrictions may apply. Relationships with retailers are subject to contract and can be modified. Interest from retailers is never guaranteed in our world!

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