Submitting a Manuscript – Easy Method

Submit a manuscript

We welcome ideas for new books in all the areas in which we publish. Our favourite areas are:

  • Historical Fiction (historically accurate is preferred)
  • Historical Non-Fiction (biographies and books for general readership – especially key dates in history)
  • General Fiction
  • Children’s Educational (but not Key Stage guides etc)
  • Off the wall (hmm, we didn’t see that one coming?)


In the first instance, please email only enclosing your curriculum vitae/resumé, and a completed copy of our New Book Proposal Form (Editable PDF).

If you are unable to download our New Book Proposals form, please email your curriculum vitae/resumé, and an outline of your proposal (including a description of the book, your expectation of who will read the book, and a list of the contents).

Please email your submission to

We very much prefer submissions via email. However, if you feel a postal submission is absolutely necessary, please be aware that material submitted will not be returned to you. It should be sent to the following address:

Trench Publishing
Saffron House
Mayville Drive
Manchester. M203RB
United Kingdom


Your proposal will be carefully read by our wonderful editorial team, desperate to fall in love with your work. The editorial process can take some time, and it may be several weeks before we are able to let you know whether we are interested in taking your proposal forward. Taking a proposal forward may not mean that publication or success is guaranteed.

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